Interactive online game developing key soft skills of young people.
The game was created to train and develop your soft skills.

How to start the game.

To start the game simply click on the "New Game" button. It will take you straight to the game world.
If you want to play from the last saved moment click "Continue".

How to play.

To move your character, you can use both the arrows on your keyboard and your mouse (by left-clicking on the spot).
To start a conversation with the NPC (non-playable characters) simply click on him/her.
You can speed up the display of text by pressing the space bar or left mouse button.
To save the game, press the Esc key or click the right mouse button and then click Save. You will see a screen with empty slots where you need to choose where to save.
To exit the menu, click Esc.
The game consists of five houses where you will practice your soft skills.
Read the text carefully, answer questions and look for tips on the walls to move on.
Enjoy playing and learning.
Stratagame Team