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Balancing work with family

Gone are those days when the employee can relax with their family after working hours. Now they can take care of their family as well if they know to embrace the changes in technology and use it to balance their work too. The fine line between work and family is maintained. It’s not easy balancing work and home, but how well you manage this can make a significant difference to your relationship with your family. Conflict between work and family life is one of the most common sources of stress for working adults. In this productivity-driven society that we are living in, more and more people are finding it hard to adequately fulfil their roles both at home and at the workplace. More often than not, workers are unable to find a point of balance between their careers and their families — there is always one that is given more priority than the other. This behaviour has been associated with a number of dysfunctional outcomes — strained familial relationships, inefficiency at work, and poor physical and mental health.


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