Creative thinking

Propensity to risk (risk appetite)

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Trust in success: fear of failure is the enemy of creative thinking. The term “to risk” doesn't refer just too dangerous situations in which you act without think-ing (in this case the tendency to risk is not just a quality). To risk means also to dare, to be brave. The subcategory “tendency to risk” refers to people who bravely face risks giving birth to something revolutionary or original. A person who has this skill has the courage to make decisions with an uncertain future; acts after assessing the possibility of success or failure, considering the validity of his project and believing in this. A person who risks is a person who has the courage to take responsibility for what he does, trying to go further. He has to try to change something because you believe in the success of his ideas; at the same time, he does not have too much confidence in his abilities (overconfidence). He has to act after assessing the possibility of success or failure and try to have full success in the work, having first considered the validity of the "enterprise". Atkinson, J. W. (1957), Motivational determinants of risk-taking behaviour, Psychological Review, 64, pp. 359-372.