Working with others


Working with othersis the ability to effectively interact, cooperate, collaborate and manage conflicts with other people in order to complete tasks and achieve shared goals. This includes working with one other person, or working in small or large groups of people. the knowledge and skills needed to effectively interact with other people on a one-to-one basis and in groups, including working as part of a team, in performing work-related tasks.
  • Effectively working with others in the workplace involves understanding and working within the group’s culture, rules and values; joint planning and decision-making; negotiating and compromising; expressing one’s opinions and ideas and respecting those of others, including people of differing backgrounds; and being flexible in terms of roles including knowing when to take a leadership role and knowing when to seek a team approach."
  • Competencies of Working With Others Influencing Others
    • Motivate others to achieve desired outcomes by directing, coaching, and delegating as the situation requires
    • Recognize the importance of building professional relationships
    • Develop networks of contacts and colleagues
    • Establish rapport with key players
    • Empower others by delegating power and responsibility and hold them accountable
    • Gain cooperation and commitment from others
  • Competencies of Working With Others Looking out for Others
    • Recognize the needs and abilities of others, particularly subordinates
    • Ensure fair and equitable treatment
    • Provide opportunities for professional development
    • Recognize and reward performance
    • Support and assist others in professional and personal situations