Communication / networking

The levels at which communication takes place

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Any person can be regarded as having multiple levels in which he "gathers„ information about himself and the world around him: open level, hidden level, blind level, unknown level. The open area - whose content we are aware of and which we are willing to reveal to others: memories, common knowledge. The hidden area-whose content we are aware of, but which we deliberately do not want to reveal to others: feelings, reactions, impulses that we regard as antisocial, events in which we acted otherwise than according to our own standards, or with those of the group. The Blind Zone - whose content we are not aware of, but which is part of us and others can see it, only we are "blind": feelings and traits that we do not recognize as ours. Unknown area - contains data that neither we nor the others are aware of: strongly repressed feelings, tendencies and impulses, potentially completely unknown talents, characteristic reactions that only occur in critical, special situations; "Outfits" that we are selfless or talents that we did not suspect.