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Communicate in a creative relationship

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In order to succeed in having a creative and effective relationship in our lives, it is necessary to communicate at a certain level with our interlocutors. So, it is necessary to know how to ask, feelings that they are free in our demand, as the other is free in his answer, making the difference between wanting and asking, in a mature way. Let us know how to offer, to give us the other without any further expectation, unconditionally, otherwise it is just an exchange. Let us know how to receive, let our gratifications to come, accept the refusals or the affairs of the other, our fears of being eventually disqualified, or our needs to be recognized. Let us have the ability to refuse, to say no, to pose yourself differently, accepting this difference to each other, in his or her freedom to be. We can do this in the affirmative, meaning: I am able to define myself, give up the approval of the other person, or by refusing to not feel frustrated that I punish the other.