The second Management Meeting in Sicily

In May 2019 we had the second Management Meeting in Catania, Sicily, organised by our MEDORO partners. We focused on evaluating the feedback of our first intellectual output testing, an online diagnostic test assessing soft skills of young people.

Another important project results that were presented: a technical and financial report after 6 months project implementation, a qualitative report, a new dissemination and communication plan and one of the most important steps, projecting the second intellectual output, the interactive online game developing key soft skills of young people.

During the second day of the meeting, we had a special guest, the MEDORO’s school partner, Istituto “S. Cannizzaro”, made a presentation about the involvement in STRATAGAME project and their results after the testing of the diagnostic test.

Next meeting will take place in November in Poland. Till then, a lot of work will take place!